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This image is a reductive linoleum version of a multiple plate color etching I did of a Walktopus a couple of years ago. The Walktopus idea came from a video someone had taken locally at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach, CA near my hometown of Pacifica. The short video is of an octopus in the tide pools climbing out on the rocks "walking" around before returning to the water. It was amazing and inspiring so I had to make my own version!

The image is five hand printed colors - yellow, orange, red, blue, and black in a limited edition of nine prints. Each layer was carved, inked, printed through the printing press, then left to dry and then the next was done on top. The print took approximately five days and over 30 hours to make. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I did making it.

The Walktopus - Hand carved & printed reductive linolium
Relief - Reductive Linolium Print
image 9x12 - paper 16x20